Actor Consultation

Personal consultation from a Principal Casting Assistant that has worked on multiple Fortune 500 company commercials & a major network television show. I was trained in a casting office responsible for over 150 film, television, and commercial offerings. I’m dedicated to learning, problem solving & helping others get their foot in the door. 

If you need advice on how to start your career or what to do next as a newcomer or an intermediate actor, please schedule a 45 minute General Advice Session. 

If you already have headshots, self tapes or demo reels please schedule a review.  These offerings include a personal review of technical information, format, accuracy, and advice.  


- 15 or 30 minute General Advice Session

- 15 minute Headshot Review (10 images included)

- 15 minute Self Tape Review (2 videos included)

- 10 min Demo Reel Review


Consultations will be one-on-one and take place through Zoom.  Register Below & receive a free template for your acting resume.